Hi! Welcome at Songwork!


Songwork has moved. The new studio is located at Hochstrasse 80, 4053 Basel. The season has just started and there still are some places available for new students. If you want to start taking voice lessons – now’s the time. Send me an e-mail to make and appointment for a first lesson.

 Vocal technique enables us as singers to express ourselves freely in music. It helps us to sound the way we want to sound. The “Complete Vocal Technique” is a technique that is both easy to understand and easy to use, and teaches singers to use the voice in a healthy way regardless of style.

Songwork, Singen lernen in BaselSongwork offers lessons to experienced singers, professionals, aspiring professionals as well as amateur singers and beginners.
What is your starting point?
• Are you planning on studying voice or the performing arts and preparing for an admissions test?
• Do you have an audition coming up and are struggling with one part of the song that you just can’t get right?
• Are you a band singer and feel you need the security of a solid vocal technique that you can rely on at every performance?
• Are you someone singing in a choir whose voice tires quickly and is even hoarse after rehearsing?
• Do you just want to learn singing, regardless of style?
Whatever your reasons might be, you are welcome at Songwork!  Sign up for a single lesson. I’m looking forward to meeting you – and hearing you!


Yours sincerely, Martina Rick
PS: Check out the page of Complete Vocal Institute with lots of info about the Complete Vocal Technique!